Sunday, February 7, 2010


hahaahaha tanggal 6 - 7 feb 2010 . hari pertamakalinya ak kliling skolah yg slengkaplengkapnya . walaupun smuanya nggak terlalu jelas karena msih sangatsangat malam . actually, 2 am o'clock .

happpy happy happy over there cause there are sooo much much much "unforgotten memories" . better if I bring a camera but I didn't . urgh, STUPI* .

you know somethin' bad happened to me . it was the BEST DAMN THING like how avril lavigne's song . before we go round our school at nite, we should sleep at PI (pustaka islam) . But it was tootally crowded over there . I can't feel my feet and damn, my candy was lost . being frustrated, I tried to finding my candy but it wasn't work . I feel empty without it inside my pocket (lebay) .

after we "sleeep" in PI, we gotta back to aula . we come back to our deep sleep over there . But I can't, cause I felt frustrated for the 2nd time . I wanna go to the toilet . silly . but I don't wanna wake up alone, n walkin' step by step to that toilet . let alone after I heard such a "horror speech" from kk pepe . oohh .. I won't won't won't do that .

so I only waiting for my turn to go outside. one by one, my friends come out . till my turn to go . houhou happy was carved . WE travel around our school and finding clues, just like a treasure hunt (lebay laagii) . 

MORNING . all of us already "have fun" and already done in mental testing (mental testing?) . we told d' story bout last night with our senior . but itsn't sounds bad cause they're friendly . we told bout how bar*** did his TORY stupid DANCE, who is the brave one, the statisfied one, and etc . 

haha I like that part . and the other one, and that one, and the first part . oh I like that day . I like that night, I like that experience, and umm .. I LIKE THAT story  . one more my unforgotten memo .