Sunday, August 31, 2014


I just create an account, for no one's good. It's just all based on my curiosity upon my self, hehehe. You may ask about opinions of mine for so many things. Just kindly ask me : 

Hoping to c u there, bye <3 div="">

Monday, August 18, 2014


Here are some photos of my little brother. He took some selfies, some childish selfies (He's still 11 yo, btw). And it is impossible for me not to missing him while scrolling the photo album full of his cheerful expressions. 

Do you miss your family too?


I went back to Depok a little bit too early, bcs of some occasions that I need to prepare and also few stuffs which I need to finish asap. But it turns out quite uneasy to fill my time with some kind of activities, since I'm pretty much alone here right now. Although there are some other friends that have actually been here, but they have a very busy day, so I prefer not to bother them. 

Moreover, I got a bad homesick. A real bad one. Soon as I headed back to this town, I cried a lot. I never thought that being too far from an environment where I spent most of my time growing up would be this hard. As long as I remember, being here for the first time was not too bad. Never once I felt any kind of homesick. But now, as I am in the 3rd year of college, I realise that being together with a whole family routines going on around, is too much precious. 

Last holiday, I only spent about a month with them. Yes I'm quite childish and over for this, but I hope anyone may understand how hard it is. I miss my siblings, parents, grandmas and grandpa. and bla bla bla as the list going longer and longer. lol :>

I'm hoping that this feeling will be reduced and disappeared after the 5th term starts. Maybe this feeling comes because of nothing to do to make me busy, so I got myself busy dying alone. Another wish is for the 5th term itself. I want it to be calm, simple, precious, and success in the end. Amin.